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    Video games for kids are regarded in a special way in Australia. A few months ago we wrote that some virtual sports activities there are regarded as a substitute for real ones. Recently we found out about Australian parents’ attitude towards the video games kids can play. “More than 90 per cent of Victorian parents believe video games can improve their children’s motor skills and problem-solving abilities,” we read in the Herald Sun (Australia).

    While we may not boast all of the kinds of video games kids can play, our online kids game definitely falls into the educational category! Some of Driving Kids’ online games may be useful in improving kids’ motor skills (Train Construction, Taxi Racing and Helicopter Pilot), while other free online games for kids  (Bus Station, Icebreaker and Sea Building) were made precisely to develop kids’ problem-solving abilities.

    The data about the Garden State’s moms’ and dads’ “playttitude” were presented in the research commissioned by the gaming company THQ. 1,000 parents of children aged 5-12 took part in the survey, and four out of five parents “admit they enjoy playing video games with their kids.” Moreover, 60% of parents play kids games together two hours a week. It looks like playing new kids games is among the favorite pastimes in Australian families: Arnie likes it!

    Although the survey’s results show that cool games for kids are recognized by parents, and the educative value of children’s games has been recognized, we don’t think that only searching for the best kids games in the digital world is the best idea. Summer has come, parents! And as the British Heart Foundation reminds in its nice “Get Kids on the Go!” booklet, “any physical activity is better than none.” Please don’t confine kids to a video game console or a computer with free online games for kids! Try to play active games with kids together: Arnie thinks you’ll like it! :-)

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